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Fate by TemptingFates
I haven't drawn her in ages :3 But I love her <3
Bella Luna by TemptingFates
Bella Luna
Faye ponified :3 Her pony name is Bella Luna.

She keeps her boots and has metal tips on her wings.
.:AT:. Etch-a-Sketch by TemptingFates
.:AT:. Etch-a-Sketch
This is :iconagentamyartworks:'s Etch-a-Sketch humanized :3

She has a rainbow paintbrush because she can draw what a pony truly wants/needs.

Reference image:…


~Fallen Fae~
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
English Graduate.

I'm going to be the next Suzanne Collins or Veronica Roth! (I hope XD)

Working on a novel called Void right now. Wish me luck <3
Hey, so as promised I'm opening art trades! I work primarily with pencil, so I won't be offering anything with CG colours, but I have markers and pencil crayons so I can always work something out (though admittedly I'm not great with them).

Depending on how you do your art I'll be offering the following:

For a pencil image, a quick computer sketch, or something that's just lineart I'll give you a pencil image, fully shaded or lineart, depending on what you want.

For a flat coloured cg image with no shading I'll give you a fully shaded pencil image and a chibi.

For cg with shading --> full pencil image; chibi set (3 chibis)

For a fully rendered image --> 2 full pencil images

This will be negotiated amongst us, if you want something different. I prefer reference images or at least a description so I can find a reference stock image to work from. I can also do face images if you wish. I mostly draw females, so my ability with males is pretty poor. I'll attempt them though if you like :3


Pencil Images:

.:MLP-Luna:. Across the Sky by TemptingFates  .:Void:. Emi by TemptingFates  .:MLP-Luna:. Across the Sky Lineart by TemptingFates  Caliese Abendroth by TemptingFates


.:Chibi:. Faye by TemptingFatesDisney's Frozen Chibi Set by TemptingFates  .:Advent 09:. Misha Cristata by TemptingFates.:Advent 06:. Dream Cloud by TemptingFates.:Advent 03:. Jakob and Odin by TemptingFates.:Advent 02:. Queen of Hearts by TemptingFates

 Art Trade List:

1. :iconquila111: Star Progress Bar II - 60% by ColMeaEvelyn:……
2. :iconpinnnnngthewhitecat: Star Progress Bar II - 100% by ColMea Sass: pinnnnngthewhitecat.deviantart…
Finished Trade. My half: .:AT:. Sass by TemptingFates  Their half: what card am i holding behind my back? by pinnnnngthewhitecat
3. :iconameneko98: Star Progress Bar II - 100% by ColMeaFist Bump:……

Finished Trade. My half: .:AT:. Fist Bump - Colour by TemptingFates Their half: Faye and Hia [Art Trade] by ameneko98
4. :iconcreepyd8llie: Star Progress Bar II - 100% by ColMea Kiyomi:…

Half-finished Trade. My half: .:AT:. Kiyomi by TemptingFates Their half: -incomplete-
5. :iconzeldaisawesom:   Star Progress Bar II - 100% by ColMeaDark Knife:… 
Half-finished Trade. My half: .:AT:. Dark Knife - Human by TemptingFates .:AT:. Dark Knife - Pony by TemptingFates 
6. :iconagentamyartworks: Star Progress Bar II - 100% by ColMeaone full size and chibis:…

Finished Trade. My half: .:AT:. Etch-a-Sketch by TemptingFates .:AT:. Amy's Chibis by TemptingFates Their half: Queen Of Hearts by AgentAmyArtworks
7. :icon19646: Star Progress Bar II - 100% by ColMeaChibi Cardinal Aroma and Everlasting Impression:…

Half-finished trade. My half: .:AT:. Everlasting Impression and Cardinal Aroma by TemptingFates Their half: -incomplete-

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Happy birthday!
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pinnnnngthewhitecat Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
your welcome!
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Hope you have a great one!
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Thank you! <3
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Happy Birthday Larissa! ; w ; HBD Girls! by quila111
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Hey c:
I've finished my half of the art trade -
TemptingFates Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! <3

Sorry for my insanely slow reply on this ;-; I was waiting until I finally had time to finish these for you :3……
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Cheers for the watch! :D  :heart:
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